Under the d/b/a Flat Earth Interactive Design, I have provided creative web solutions for a variety of businesses and organizations in Pittsburgh and nationwide for over a decade.
Recent Work
Web-based case management application

After struggling with a complicated desktop program, AIM needed a way to provide field case managers an application that's easy to access and easy to use.

Using php, mysql, and jQuery, I've built them the basis of a web-based application with a streamlined interface. Ongoing further enhancements will allow them to use this tool to handle a range of tasks from a single location.

Site P/Relaunch

The previous design for the site had become stale. Really, embarrassingly stale. Need proof? Take a look for yourself. I put it together a week before Al Gore discovered the Internet, it was so old.

Hence, I'm eager and excited to replace the old layout with this shiny new one. So eager, in fact, that I've put up the new home page before the rest of the site is ready to launch. It's a pre-relaunch. Or p/relaunch.

Check back soon for the full site, or drop me a note at joe AT flatearthid.com and I'll let you know when it's ready.

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